Module Code / Name


Module Leader



Rebecca Pradeilles

HAR6112: Systematic Reviews and Evidence Synthesis: Principles

Assignment 1

Assignment 2

Allison Scope / Rachel Archer

HAR679 / HAR6024: Dissertation

Narrative Review

Systematic Review

Primary and Secondary Data Collection

Katie Powell

HAR6049 (Using Policy to Strengthen Health Systems DL)

Assignment 1

Assignment 2

Assignment 3

Muhammad Saddiq

HAR658 (The internet, the web and e-health)

300 word report

Claire Beecroft

HAR697 (Using Policy to Strengthen Health Systems)

Assessment 1 (Oral Presentations) (20%)

Amy Barnes

Assessment 2 (Individual Enquiry) (80%)

HAR6030 (Research Methods)

Research Proposal

Sarah Barnes

HAR655 (Public Health Informatics)

Assignment (MPH)
Assignment (DL)

Louise Preston

HAR656 (Evidence Based Practice and Healthcare Information)

Assignment 1
Assignment 2

Angie Rees