Course ID  Course Name
HAR.CUST0011.14-15 HAR Introduction Week MPH DL (2014~15)
HAR.CUST0012.14-15 HAR IRIS (2014~15)
HAR.CUST0013.14-15 HAR Introduction Week IHTA (2014~15)
HAR.CUST0014.14-15 HAR Introduction Week AEC (2014~15)
HAR.CUST0015.14-15 HAR Introduction Week CPD (2014~15)
HAR.CUST0016.14-15 HAR Introduction Week IHML (2014~15)
HAR6012.A.145489 HAR6012 MSc Dissertation (GRADUATE YEAR 2014~15)
HAR6016.D.143611 HAR6016 Sociology of Public Health (SPRING 2014~15)
HAR6021.B.144435 HAR6021 Health Promotion (SPRING 2014~15)
HAR6024.A.144437 HAR6024 Dissertation (GRADUATE YEAR 2014~15)
HAR6029.D.146419 HAR6029 Systematically Reviewing the Research Literature DL (AUTUMN 2014~15)
HAR6029.E.146421 HAR6029 Systematically Reviewing the Research Literature (SPRING 2014~15)
HAR6030.A.141725 HAR6030 Introduction to Research Methods (AUTUMN 2014~15)
HAR6035.A.141727 HAR6035 Introduction to Statistics and Critical Appraisal (AUTUMN 2014~15)
HAR6036.B.144443 HAR6036 Applications of Statistics in the Medical and Health Sciences (AUTUMN 2014~15)
HAR6039.A.144445 HAR6039 Introduction to Statistics for Clinical Research (AUTUMN 2014~15)
HAR6041.B.144447 HAR6041 Health Needs Assessment, Planning and Evaluation (AUTUMN 2014~15)
HAR6042.A.139651 HAR6042 Introduction to Statistics and Critical Appraisal DL (SPRING 2014~15)
HAR6043.A.139653 HAR6043 Introduction to Research Methods DL (AUTUMN 2014~15)
HAR6044.A.139655 HAR6044 Systematic Approaches to Evidence Assessment DL (AUTUMN 2014~15)
HAR6045.A.141619 HAR6045 Further Statistics for Health Science Researchers (SPRING 2014~15)
HAR6047.A.139657 HAR6047 Key Issues in National and Global Public Health DL (AUTUMN 2014~15)
HAR6048.A.139659 HAR6048 Epidemiology DL (AUTUMN 2014~15)
HAR6049.A.139665 HAR6049 Using Health Policy to Strengthen Health Systems DL (SPRING 2014~15)
HAR6051.A.150907 HAR6051 Practical Aspects of Clinical Research (ACADEMIC YEAR 2014~15)
HAR6053.A.139667 HAR6053 Dissertation DL (GRADUATE YEAR 2014~15)
HAR6056.A.144455 HAR6056 International Development Field Class (SPRING 2014~15)
HAR6058.A.144983 HAR6058 Social Determinants of Health Inequalities (SPRING 2014~15)
HAR6059.B.145533 HAR6059 Public Health Informatics DL (SPRING 2014~15)
HAR6061.A.139699 HAR6061 Further Statistics for Health Science Researchers DL (SPRING 2014~15)
HAR6062.A.144427 HAR6062 Complex Evaluation Methods (SPRING 2014~15)
HAR6063.A.144429 HAR6063 Applied GIS in Public Health (SPRING 2014~15)
HAR6104.B.149717 HAR6104 Management Theory and Practice (AUTUMN 2014~15)
HAR6105.B.149725 HAR6105 Evidence-based Emergency Medicine - DL (AUTUMN 2014~15)
HAR6106.B.149729 HAR6106 An Introduction to Emergency Medicine in the UK - DL (AUTUMN 2014~15)
HAR6107.B.149733 HAR6107 Observation and Ambulatory Medicine - DL (AUTUMN 2014~15)
HAR6108.B.149741 HAR6108 Paediatric Emergency Medicine (SPRING 2014~15)
HAR6109.B.149745 HAR6109 Pre-hospital Emergency Medicine, Event and Expedition Medicine (SPRING 2014~15)
HAR6110.A.150875 HAR6110 Dissertation (GRADUATE YEAR 2014~15)
HAR6111.A.139669 HAR6111 Methods and Processes in International Health Technology Assessment (AUTUMN 2014~15)
HAR6112.B.139671 HAR6112 International Healthcare Systems and Reimbursement DL (SPRING 2014~15)
HAR6113.A.139673 HAR6113 Cost-effectiveness Modelling in International Health Technology Assessment (SPRING 2014~15)
HAR6114.B.139675 HAR6114 Systematic Reviews and Evidence Synthesis: Principles (AUTUMN 2014~15)
HAR6115.A.144987 HAR6115 Economic Evaluation in International Health Technology Assessment (AUTUMN 2014~15)
HAR6116.A.139685 HAR6116 Randomised Controlled Trials to Support Reimbursement Decision Making (AUTUMN 2014~15)
HAR6117.B.143487 HAR6117 Systematic Reviews and Evidence Synthesis- Introduction to Advanced Analysis Techniques DL (AUTUMN 2014~15)
HAR6118.D.145149 HAR6118 Utility and Patient-reported Outcomes Data in HTA DL (SPRING 2014~15)
HAR6119.B.145167 HAR6119 Building Cost-effectiveness Models for Health Technology Assessment (SPRING 2014~15)
HAR6121.B.149753 HAR6121 Musculoskeletal Emergency Medicine (SPRING 2014~15)
HAR6122.B.149757 HAR6122 Sedation in Emergency Medicine (SPRING 2014~15)
HAR6123.B.149761 HAR6123 Emergency Medicine Informatics - DL (AUTUMN 2014~15)
HAR6124.A.133747 HAR6124 Medicolegal and Forensic Emergency Medicine (SPRING 2013~14)
HAR6124.B.149765 HAR6124 Medicolegal and Forensic Emergency Medicine (SPRING 2014~15)
HAR6125.B.149769 HAR6125 Research Methods for Emergency Medicine (ACADEMIC YEAR 2014~15)
HAR619.C.144449 HAR619 Epidemiology (AUTUMN 2014~15)
HAR6240.B.141645 HAR6240 Health Services Research Methods (SPRING 2014~15)
HAR6260.B.139371 HAR6260 Economic Evaluation (AUTUMN 2014~15)
HAR6501.B.150909 HAR6501 Systematic Reviews and Critical Appraisal Techniques (SPRING 2014~15)
HAR6521.B.141729 HAR6521 Promoting Evidence-Based Health Care (AUTUMN 2014~15)
HAR6531.A.145513 HAR6531 Qualitative Research Design and Analysis (SPRING 2014~15)
HAR654.A.140949 HAR654 Placing Electronic Records at the Centre of Care (SPRING 2014~15)
HAR655.A.146807 HAR655 Public Health Informatics (SPRING 2014~15)
HAR656.A.143513 HAR656 Evidence Based Practice and Healthcare Information (AUTUMN 2014~15)
HAR658.A.140959 HAR658 The Internet, Web and E-health (AUTUMN 2014~15)
HAR6650.A.150877 HAR6650 Dissertation (GRADUATE YEAR 2014~15)
HAR667.A.139357 HAR667 Cost-effectiveness Modelling for Health Technology Assessment (AUTUMN 2014~15)
HAR668.A.139359 HAR668 Introduction to Health Economics (AUTUMN 2014~15)
HAR669.A.139361 HAR669 Health Research Methods (AUTUMN 2014~15)
HAR670.A.139363 HAR670 Medical Statistics and Evidence Synthesis (SPRING 2014~15)
HAR671.A.139365 HAR671 Operational Research Techniques in Health Resources Allocation (SPRING 2014~15)
HAR672.A.139367 HAR672 Advanced Simulation Methods (SPRING 2014~15)
HAR673.A.139373 HAR673 Dissertation (ACADEMIC YEAR 2014~15)
HAR674.A.140955 HAR674 Randomised Controlled Trials (SPRING 2014~15)
HAR675.A.144451 HAR675 Key Issues in Global Public Health (AUTUMN 2014~15)
HAR677.A.143511 HAR677 Clinical Research Practice (ACADEMIC YEAR 2014~15)
HAR679.A.141687 HAR679 Dissertation (GRADUATE YEAR 2014~15)
HAR680.D.141033 HAR680 Contemporary Health Psychology and Behaviour Change (SPRING 2014~15)
HAR682.C.144507 HAR682 Leading and Managing Health Services (SPRING 2014~15)
HAR685.B.140951 HAR685 Communicable Disease Control (SPRING 2014~15)
HAR686.B.140953 HAR686 Disaster and Emergency Management (SPRING 2014~15)
HAR687.B.140987 HAR687 Health Care Financing and Economic Evaluation (SPRING 2014~15)
HAR689.A.139695 HAR689 Long Project (GRADUATE YEAR 2014~15)
HAR690.A.139697 HAR690 Short Project (GRADUATE YEAR 2014~15)
HAR691.B.139681 HAR691 Using Evidence in the Design and Development of Models (AUTUMN 2014~15)
HAR692.B.139683 HAR692 Pharmaceutical Pricing (SPRING 2014~15)
HAR694.A.139369 HAR694 Valuing the Benefits of Health Care (SPRING 2014~15)
HAR697.B.144453 HAR697 Using Policy to Strengthen Health Systems (SPRING 2014~15)
HAR698.A.139661 HAR698 Communicable Disease Control DL (SPRING 2014~15)
HAR699.A.139663 HAR699 Leading and Managing Health Services DL (SPRING 2014~15)